Ontotext Cognitive Cloud Overview

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Enterprise Grade Software. Freemium Model.

  • Enterprise text analysis services for news, life sciences and social media.
  • Access to knowledge graphs such as DBpedia, Wikidata and GeoNames.
  • A scalable semantic graph database-as-a-service and analytics.
  • Secure and fully managed service.

What is Ontotext Cognitive Cloud

  • A scalable semantic graph database-as-a-service and analytics – GraphDB Cloud.
  • Enterprise text analysis services for news, life sciences and social media (coming soon).
  • Access to knowledge graphs such as DBpedia, Wikidata and GeoNames (coming soon).
  • Secure and fully managed service.

GraphDB Cloud

What are the benefits of using GraphDB Cloud

GraphDB Cloud, running on the Ontotext Cognitive Cloud Platform is a perfect solution for scenarios with small, medium and enterprise database size and query load, where investing in software licenses and provisioning and maintaining an on-premise 24/7 server is not cost or resource optimal.

With GraphDB Cloud, users/developers can have their private database instance up and running within seconds. They will no longer need to deal with DBA specific tasks such as installation and upgrades, provisioning and deployment, backups and restores, as well as ensuring the database availability and security. GraphDB Cloud is instantly available and easily accessible so that developers can build smart data prototypes and productions faster, and at a lower cost, without spending valuable time on installing, configuring, or developing their own infrastructure components.

GraphDB Cloud is available in various tiers (levels), including free (basic), standard, enterprise, and custom (GraphDB Enterprise Cluster) tiers.

Who is GraphDB Cloud for:
  • R&D Departments within Enterprises in the early phases and mature phases of adopting Semantic Technology – now they have on-demand access to an RDF database, without the need to provision hardware and commit to software licenses when evaluating the technology developing proof-of-concept, pilots, and production systems;
  • Consultants and Solution Architects in Startup or Small to Medium Companies – they can begin using the GraphDB database in the Cloud in order to avoid upfront investments. At a later time they can migrate to an on-premise deployment;
  • Developers – they can provide their database within seconds on one of 8 different server configurations for testing, benchmarking and optimisations;
  • Academics and technical teams at academic institutions have instant access to an enterprise-grade RDF database and pay only when it is being used.


The Ontotext Cognitive Cloud platform is based on enterprise-grade technology from Ontotext including our leading RDF engine (GraphDB) and high-performance text mining solutions successfully applied at some of the largest enterprises in the world. We have taken proven technology used in publishing & media, government agencies and life sciences and made is available to you with an accessible business model. The Ontotext Cognitive Cloud is designed to deliver fully managed, available, secure, and scalable solution that can be accessed via simple RESTful services at a very low cost.

More Information

Give us feedback at email and contact support at email. To find out more about how your organization can benefit from Semantic Technologies and the Ontotext Cognitive Cloud, in particular, visit the Ontotext Knowledge Hub and follow us on Twitter for product updates and news.

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