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Table of Contents
Webinar recording "GraphDB Cloud: Enterprise Ready RDF Database on Demand"
Slides and WebEx recording for the July'2017 webinar, addressing important questions including:
  • What is the value of RDF graph databases for smart data management;
  • Technical details on the architecture of GraphDB Cloud;
  • Practical examples of using the database in the Cloud;
  • Product roadmap and new features in GraphDB Cloud.

General Cognitive Cloud information

Ontotext Cognitive Cloud Overview
General description of the merchandise, its features and technology
Getting Started Guide
A concise example to registering an account and using GraphDB Cloud as quickly as possible
Feedback and Support
Links to various channels for getting in touch with us (email, Twitter, and forums)
A list of frequently asked questions
Further Reading
webinars, talks, papers and PR announcements about the Ontotext Cognitive Cloud

Developers documentation

GraphDB Management Dashboard
Information about account registration, preferences, reports and API key management 
GraphDB Cloud REST APIs
General information about the Cognitive Cloud REST APIs, security & usage quotas
GraphDB Cloud a fully managed DBaaS
Details about running a fully managed instance of GraphDB (DBaaS)

Demos & Sample Code

Sample code Sample code in for using the Cognitive Cloud services with Java, C#, cURL, Python, NodeJS, JavaScript, Groovy, and PHP
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